Why Dead Sea Moringa: Supporting Innovation in Agriculture

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Although it is a very small country with few natural resources, Israel has built a reputation of being a world leader in sustainable innovation across many different industries. Among others, one of the top industries that Israel has been successful with is the agricultural industry. Not only does Israel take innovation in agriculture seriously to grow more crops and livestock, but it focuses on sustainable agriculture in particular.

Why Is Sustainable Innovation in Agriculture so Important in Israel?

Of course, this focus on sustainable agriculture in Israel started primarily because of necessity. When growing food in the Negev Desert, growers have to worry about a number of issues. In particular, shortage of water is a big problem. After all, this region has such a limited supply of water that providing residents with enough drinking water is challenging enough; clearly, wasting water when growing crops and raising livestock is simply not an option.

Israelis did not want to give up on the idea of growing their own food, though, despite the challenges that they faced. Instead of giving up, top scientists and experts in the region started working on ideas that would help them grow crops and livestock with the few resources that they had available.

In a relatively short period of time, many improvements have been made.

What Types of Agricultural Inventions Is Israel Known For?

From this necessity, wonderful ideas were born. Drip irrigation systems, which are used for residential and agricultural purposes all over the world, were invented by Israelis.

Other exciting agricultural inventions have been created in Israel as well, all with water conservation in mind. For example, Israelis have developed potatoes that can survive on salt water and have created dew-capturing systems that use dew to water crops.

These are just some of the inventions that top minds in Israel have developed for agricultural purposes.

Why Are These Inventions So Important?

As mentioned above, water conservation is important in Israel because there is a shortage of water in this desert region. In many areas with similar climates, citizens have a severe food shortage and have to rely on other countries for their food. Now, because of innovation in agriculture and a dedication to being a self-sustaining country, Israel is actually able to produce 95% of the food that it needs to feed its citizens.

Even though these innovations and improvements are great for Israel, they are also helpful for export to countries and peoples around the world. Just as drip irrigation systems have made their way into regular use all over the planet, other sustainable agriculture techniques that have been invented in Israel are also being used in other countries.

In fact, Israel is dedicated to sharing what has been learned and developed in the country with entities around the world. Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation, MASHAV, actually hosts classes and other events and invites people from all over the world to come and learn about their sustainable agricultural methods.

The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) is actually in talks with the Israeli government to establish an Israel-Africa Agriculture Innovation Center. The goal is for Israeli scientists and industry experts to help top African scientists learn how to grow food in their own unique and challenging climate.

This broad step could make big changes to help with the food shortage across the African continent and is just one example of how Israel is helping with worldwide improvements and innovation in agriculture. Also, even in areas where there aren’t quite so many agricultural challenges, learning how to grow crops in a more sustainable way is both more cost-effective and better for the environment. This means that Israeli agricultural methods can actually be helpful in any region around the globe.

Why Do We Support Agricultural Innovation in Israel?

Our Dead Sea Moringa is grown in Israel for a number of reasons. For one, we find it important to support countries that take sustainable agriculture seriously. It is our goal to grow Dead Sea Moringa in a sustainable way that helps the environment rather than hurting it.

We knew that growing moringa in Israel was a good way to support this goal. By growing in Israel, we are able to make use of world-class sustainable farming techniques that conserve water and make the best possible use of natural resources. We also help with creating jobs in a region where they are very much needed, as there are still many people in Israel who are currently living in poverty.

Of course, there are other benefits to growing our moringa in this region. The soil in this area is very nutrient rich, and the moringa plant prefers a warm, desert-like climate. By growing our Dead Sea Moringa in Israel, we are able to support important causes that we care about while growing the best-quality moringa possible for our customers.

In Summary

  • Our Dead Sea Moringa is grown in Israel, near the Dead Sea, where it can grow and thrive in a desert climate with nutrient-rich soil.
  • Israel, despite the climate-related challenges that it faces (such as high temperatures and lack of water), is a world leader in sustainable agriculture. In fact, the drip irrigation system was even created in Israel!
  • By purchasing your bottle of Dead Sea Moringa, you can help support innovation in agriculture while buying a product that can provide you and your family with many health benefits.

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