What If New Isn’t Always Improved?

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You’ve heard the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Perhaps this could have been considered true a few generations ago. At least the apple of your great-grandparent’s generation contained nutrients your body could use to prevent illnesses and supply it with vitamins and minerals. So does the same hold true of our common “nutritious” foods today?

The Problem…

Conventionally raised produce found in our supermarkets contains far less vitamin and mineral nutrition that they did fifty or sixty years ago. This is largely due to types of modern farming, increased use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, and soil exhaustion.

An article published in the New York Times said this…

“Studies published within the past 15 years show that much of our produce is relatively low in phytonutrients, which are the compounds with the potential to reduce the risk of four of our modern scourges: cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and dementia.

“Were the people who foraged for… wild foods healthier than we are today? They did not live nearly as long as we do, but growing evidence suggests that they were much less likely to die from degenerative diseases, even the minority who lived 70 years and more. The primary cause of death for most adults, according to anthropologists, was injury and infections.”[i]

According to this article, foods began to decline in nutrition as farming increased. Degenerative diseases, change in cells that impact organs and tissues causing deterioration over time, are on the rise, in part due to our bodies not being fed properly.

If we expect to eat “healthy” foods from our local supermarkets and get the daily nutrients needed to keep our bodies running the best they can, we are mistaken.

The Solution…

One of our scientists at Dead Sea Moringa discovered that moringa trees grown in the mineral-rich soil of the Dead Sea region have 300% higher concentrations of certain vitamins and minerals than their counterparts around the world.

We have encapsulated these vitamin and mineral packed leaves to provide the highest quality moringa product on the market.

This discovery has led to a partnership with the government of Israel to soon begin a Herbal Medicine research school. Israel’s agricultural technology is known for their innovative farming techniques, and this partnership allows us to utilize those innovative methods.

We are excited about this venture, as it will provide cutting-edge research to improve the environment and our health.

The hand selected students who will work side-by-side with professional staff and researchers will become certified by the American Herbalist Guild.

The Future…

Our understanding of the need for quality nutrition pushes our research team to look to the past to better understand how we can plan for the future of our health and the health of our children.

While typical farming methods have produced larger quantities of food, the quality has greatly suffered. Our vision is to use the resources and partnerships with Israeli universities throughout the land to harness the richness of the Dead Sea and reverse this trend.

We want to create a healthier tomorrow for generations to come! If you want to hear more about our story and our research, please be sure to contact us today!

[i] http://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/26/opinion/sunday/breeding-the-nutrition-out-of-our-food.html?pagewanted=all New York Times

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