What Does Research Say About Moringa?

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Scientists are doing some amazing research on the Moringa Oleifera plant. They are finding this plant keeps producing more and more benefits to our human bodies. Whether you call it a superfood or natural medicine its properties are seemingly endless. What is most impressive is the recent analysis going into finding out more about the moringa plant.

Scientists are quickly catching on to the boom the moringa plant has started. Dead Sea Moringa researchers have a unique advantage when it comes to investigating this superfood plant. We are part of an herbal medicine school in the Dead Sea region that is dedicated to exploring and finding the medicinal purposes not only for moringa, but also for hundreds of other plants.

Some not so well known research has been produced regarding the moringa plant…

  • Moringa extracts have shown potential to be an alternative treatment for bacterial infections caused by Staphylococcus aureus, Vibrio parahaemolyticus, Aeromonas cavaie, and Enterococcus faecalis (Peixoto et al. 2011).


  • The moringa plant may assist in managing Sickle Cell Disease (Adejumo et al. 2012).


  • Moringa root may fight against post-menopausal epithelial ovarian cancer (Bose 2007).


Moringa’s benefits and uses are endless. This plant has many undiscovered assets hidden beneath its roots, leaves and bark. We are excited to delve deeper into the research and explore the vast ways this plant benefits our complex bodies. Be a part of uncovering the treasures that inhabit this diverse plant. You can help plant more trees for research when you purchase a bottle of Dead Sea Moringa.

Our enthusiasm about the Dead Sea Moringa product is not just about its unique health benefits, but also its positive cultivation process and humanitarian aid. When you buy a bottle of Dead Sea Moringa, you also are planting a tree in one of 19 countries where hunger and malnourishment is all too familiar. Our commitment is to you as an individual wanting a healthy addition to your life, our environment, and to those in need across the globe. [CLICK HERE] to order your bottle today!

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