The Health Benefits of Vitamin A

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The Health Benefits of Vitamin AVitamin A provides the body with many positive benefits—improved night-vision, operating basic immune system functions, preventing birth defects, and encouraging the movement of iron from storage cells into red blood cells.

Vitamin A also serves as an antioxidant, further boosting the immune system. In some clinical trials, it has been shown to slow the effects of osteoarthritis.

However, many supplements on the market deliver vitamin A in a preformed state. This vitamin A—found in meat and fish—is easier for your body to digest, but can also lead to Hypervitamintosis A: Vitamin A toxicity. Too much preformed vitamin A can cause vision problems, liver malfunction, and brittle bones, skin and hair, just to name a few!

What can you do to ensure that you are getting enough vitamin A, without the harmful side-effects of toxicity?

Fortunately, nature has provided us with beta Carotene—a precursor to vitamin A! This form of vitamin A is The Health Benefits of Vitamin Afound in plants like Moringa, and cannot lead to vitamin A toxicity because as the body naturally converts beta Carotene into vitamin A, it decreases the conversion rate when vitamin A levels are high. Beta Carotene is the vitamin responsible for the orange color in carrots, which were long thought to be one of the best sources of this safe form of vitamin A…

Dead Sea Moringa has 4 times the vitamin A in carrots! 4 times the power to provide YOU with the benefits of vitamin A, with none of the harmful side-effects. Dead Sea Moringa really is a miraculous gift from nature!


Dead Sea Moringa

Dead Sea Moringa

Who Are We?

Dead Sea Moringa is a partnership between the evangelical community and the nation of Israel. The primary goal of Dead Sea Moringa is to produce employment, income, and revenue for humanitarian aid projects throughout Israel. Dead Sea Moringa has also recently partnered with an organization in Togo, Africa to oversee the cultivation and harvesting of Moringa, as well as its distribution to malnourished children in that region.

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