The Biggest Health Benefits of Leafy Greens

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moringa for weight lossMoringa is quickly becoming known as one of the “leafy greens” with the most concentrated health benefits. Other examples of leafy greens include spinach, broccoli, collard greens, kale and more. Many of these foods are considered “superfoods,” and when you consider the numerous health benefits they have to offer, it’s easy to see why.

Here are some of the biggest health benefits of those vegetables classified as “leafy greens:”

1) They help you to stay young.
Vitamin K plays two major roles in your body: it helps blood to clot in a healthy manner, and also prevents a variety of age-related conditions like cardiovascular disease, arterial and kidney calcification and bone fragility. One cup of most leafy greens will give you your full daily requirement of Vitamin K at least.

2) They keep your cholesterol low.
The fibers found in many leafy greens binds with bile acids in your body, which results in the liver needing to use more cholesterol to continue regenerating that acid. This means that you have lower levels of cholesterol in your body.

3) They preserve your vision.
Moringa and many other types of leafy greens are outstanding sources of lutein and zeaxanthin, which helps to filter the types of high-energy light most likely to cause damage to your eyes. This also helps to decrease your risk of getting cataracts, and increases the distance that you can see clearly.

4) They give your body the energy you need to get through the day.
Leafy greens are excellent sources of B vitamins, which convert the carbohydrates in food into glucose that your body uses as fuel. Because B vitamins are water soluble and won’t get stored in your body, you need to get enough of them every day. Eating these leafy greens is a much more efficient way to get those important B vitamins into your system.

5) They increase the health of your bones.
Many leafy greens have a slightly bitter taste, which indicates their high levels of calcium. Calcium is a necessary nutrient to help strengthen your bones and prevent conditions like osteoporosis.

Moringa is truly becoming one of the most important leafy greens on the market, and is only going to increase in popularity in the coming years as it becomes more available in the American market. Get ahead of the curve now with our Dead Sea Moringa supplements, which will give you the amazing levels of nutrients you need to live a healthy lifestyle!

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