• “I have noticed a considerable improvement since I started taking Dead Sea Moringa!”*

    Paulette Louisiana
  • “After taking Dead Sea Moringa for a couple of months, I stopped for three weeks. I soon realized what a big difference it had been making in my body.”*

    Anna Mississippi
  • “Dead Sea Moringa is an incredible product that’s valued at an affordable price with vitamins and minerals that’s good for your overall health!”*

    Leonard Pennsylvania
  • “I Love Dead Sea Moringa; I have noticed a considerable improvement in my overall sense of well-being. There has been a positive difference in my everyday life from the benefits of Dead Sea Moringa!”*  

    Jason Arkansas
  • “I love Dead Sea Moringa. I’ve been taking it for over a year now.”*  

    Debbie Arkansas
  • “I have seen great improvement since taking Dead Sea Moringa.”*

    Dwain Arkansas
  • “I take Dead Sea Moringa everyday and it is really good for me.”*  

  • “I have been on it faithfully for 2 weeks. Seems like I have more clarity, more energy.”*

    Reba Tyson
  • “I just wanted to share a little bit of my story and how Moringa has helped me. I give thanks to my Father in Heaven for all He has done for me.

    Well I have been taking Moringa for month now and have had NO pain. I can’t tell you how happy I am to not have pain. I am a very busy mom of two teenagers, and I am always on the go.

    Thank you so much for everything. When I go back to the doctor later this Fall, I will give you all an update on my lab work. I am sure they will be normal. Shalom and blessings to you all from Germany!”*

    Madeline Llanso
  • “This stuff helped me stay healthy thru the end of a very stressful school year. I highly recommend it for people like me who deal with kids who are coughing and sneezing on you all day!”*

    Christine Martha
  • “I have been taking Dead Sea Moringa since end of 2013 and I have benefited so much. Many people have commented /complemented on how much healthier and younger I look. Many do not believe I am 65 years old!! Several think I am in my forties and many say I didn’t even look 65. I do feel healthier than before. The main setback is the cost. Though I have spinal problems I have not felt as horribly weak as I had been before I took Dead Sea Moringa. I have recommended it to many people.”*

    Luseane Lameta
  • “The first time I took just 1 capsule (of DSM), it was like a fog was being lifted from my mind, and my energy levels seem to be going up the more [DSM] I take. Even the pain in my right hip has been greatly reduced and is getting better every day.”*

    Earlene Ingram
  • “I have been using Dead Sea Moringa for two months now. I take two tablets daily.

    Since I have been taking the tablets, my back pain has subsided.

    My chiropractic visits are now once a month, instead of twice a week. My chiropractor asked me what I was taking, and I told her. She wrote that on my chart.

    My doctor was pleased!

    I have recommended Moringa to my friend and she is taking it also.


    Dr. Rosa Alverio
  • “I first heard about Moringa on the television program “Health”. I am so glad I then followed up on it and began taking Moringa capsules. After three weeks there was no change in my condition and I almost gave up hope. At the end of the fourth week, I experienced significant results. I hope that over time I will continue to see improvement.”*

    Joseph His
  • “Moringa plant is one of the wonders of creation! Three months ago I gave birth to my daughter and I am a mother of eight more children. I heard about the Moringa plant from medical studies and the benefits it has for milk production. The healthiest baby food is breast milk, and of course it is important to the quality and length of time the mother nurses her baby. I take two Moringa capsules in the morning and two capsules in the evening. I saw that after a few days I have more milk.

    In addition to improving the quality and quantity of milk, moringa capsules did wonders for other things I suffered.

    Despite the need to eat breakfast, but it showed me my Moringa achieved several things:

    • lots of milk and improved the quality

    • effect on allergies from which I suffered for years

    • gives strength and energy

    I think it’s a wonder herb should not give it up, especially women after birth that need more energy.”*

    S.D. Kfar Chabad
  • “Following unsuccessful experiences with other natural products, I purchased Moringa with permission from the Rebbe. After one month of beginning to take Moringa, the pain passed and I was feeling better.”*

    Leah Haniyeh Kfar Chabad
  • “I use the product in the middle of November 2009 And since I bought 7 boxes of product to me and my mother. Rules of its feeling good and far fewer body aches shortly.And in general it feels good all the body systems. I would love to hear my testimony helped you decide to consume this product.”*

    Mali Ben Bassat
  • “I think I’ve been taking it 6 months I have no more joint pain I even want to eat healthier I did lose 11 pounds but I think it’s because I’m eating of the year I think God for giving me away to have access to this product and to house of David and Curt Landry Ministries. This ministry how to get me in the right alignment that the Lord wants us in and according to Ephesians 4 I love them all. My family in the Lord!!!”*

    Carole Ross
  • “I began using the product in mid-November 2009. I have since purchased seven boxes of product for my mother and me.

    At 81 years old, my mother had little blood flow in her hands, which were always white in appearance. In the weeks and months after she began using the product, I began to see amazing changes in her. The blood vessels had begun to open up and her hands had a healthy pink appearance. Moringa seems to have cleared the blocked blood vessels, though drugs were not able to do this.

    When I began taking the product, my blood sugar dropped from 220 to a 150-170 range and I generally felt great.

    I hope my testimonial allows someone else to benefit from the product.”*

    Eli Ben-Bassat
  • “My name is Luba and I am the owner of the shop “Nature through Nature”.

    I suffered for several years from problems with thyroid regulation. In March 2011, my TSH blood level was 5.85. I began taking the “Moringa Arava” powder capsules. Six months later my TSH was 4.46. Five months after that the level is down further to 2.80.”*

  • “I hereby certify that since I started using the product in early November 2009, there was a considerable improvement in my joints, and the pain in my hands disappeared. In addition, there has been considerable improvement in my blood sugar levels.

    Due to my positive results, my wife also started to use the product began to feel great.

    I have since continued to purchase the product. My life has improved beyond recognition as a result.”*

    Avi Ben-Maor