Stress Relieving Antioxidants | Keys to Success – Part 1

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Stress Relieving Antioxidants

Life-success begins with proper nutrition—whether you are training to run a marathon, or preparing for a marathon of meetings.

For too many in our modern society, it is difficult to take time out to eat right and stay healthy. Fortunately, we now have the technology to help supplement our poor eating habits with natural, vitamin-rich supplements.

Dead Sea Moringa provides essential vitamins and minerals to help sustain and enhance strength, alertness, concentration and endurance!

Throughout the day, free radicals are constantly attacking our healthy body cells—a process resulting in body weakness and aging. This process happens because the atoms and molecules that make up the human body thrive on maintaining an even number of positively charged protons and negatively charged electrons. So when an atom has too few electrons—caused by the lack of properly balanced nutrients feeding the body—it will try to steal an electron from another atom. As these atoms move throughout the body, they steal electrons away from important body-chemicals, creating stress and damage at the atomic level! This process can be very dangerous, causing deadly damage to living cells or other molecules through what is commonly known as oxidation—oxidized iron (rust) is one common example of a destructive oxidation process in nature.

When this atomic, sub-cellular level of bodily stress is coupled with the physical and mental levels of the stress of Stress Relieving Antioxidantseveryday life, we can create a cascade of stress-related sickness and disease that we could all do without.

Thankfully, antioxidants have the power to combat and absorb free radicals, thus reducing the stress on the body, and in-turn slowing the aging process!

Antioxidants act as buffers for our cells, because they do not cause damage when they give up an electron—preventing the daily barrage of damage from free radicals.

This is great news, because our Dead Sea Moringa is packed with approximately 46 antioxidants, making it one of the most powerful sources of antioxidants available in nature!

Dead Sea Moringa

Dead Sea Moringa

Who Are We?

Dead Sea Moringa is a partnership between the evangelical community and the nation of Israel. The primary goal of Dead Sea Moringa is to produce employment, income, and revenue for humanitarian aid projects throughout Israel. Dead Sea Moringa has also recently partnered with an organization in Togo, Africa to oversee the cultivation and harvesting of Moringa, as well as its distribution to malnourished children in that region.

These successful businesses are all tied to the Nation of Israel and the Jewish people. Our CEO, Curt Landry, has been involved with humanitarian work in Israel over the past 24 years, working diligently within the highest levels of the Israeli government and the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Just within the last 10 years, Curt Landry has been involved in distributing over $20M in humanitarian aid to Israel, and many other nations throughout the world. Curt’s humanitarian efforts in Israel include funding Safe Houses for abused children; feeding programs for underprivileged children, teens and soldiers; and assisting Holocaust survivors.

Through Curt Landry Ministries, we raise funds to support the agricultural development of olive groves and vineyards throughout Israel. Our unique connections within the Israeli government afford us a prodigious advantage in business ventures like Dead Sea Moringa. We are daily presented with opportunities to become more involved in the region, however, we have decided to concentrate our efforts into what we believe to be the greatest opportunity we have ever seen — Dead Sea Moringa!

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