Purify Water with Moringa Oleifera Seeds

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Moringa has been used for centuries because of its amazing healing properties. Likewise, today it is being recognized as a superfood giant with its 90 nutrients, 46 antioxidants, 12 vitamins and minerals, and 18 amino acids.

In addition to its healing and superfood benefits, moringa oleifera’s water-purifying qualities are gaining attention as researchers continue to explore the seemingly endless environmental and health properties that belong to this miracle tree. In ancient Egypt people used the crushed seeds of the moringa oleifera tree to bring purity to cloudy water.

Typical methods of cleaning and purifying turbid water generally involve chemical treatments. According to researchers, moringa seeds contain a certain type of protein that binds impurities together. This natural coagulation process has been used for centuries throughout certain areas of the world. It is especially important in areas where clean water is a scarcity.

Studies also show that moringa seeds have antifungal and antibacterial properties. This allows the seeds to kill harmful bacteria and parasites found in polluted water.

Today, many people opt for more natural approaches to purifying water. They are placing the ancient method of moringa seed clarification into practice. Some use the following method:

  1. Start with two containers of water. One that contains the dirty water that you wish to clarify. And in the other container with one cup of water. You will also need one empty clean glass or cup for drinking.
  2. Crush moringa seeds into powder. Add two to three tablespoons of the crushed moringa seed powder into the one-cup container of water.
  3. Shake the water that contains the moringa powder for several minutes. This disperses the proteins throughout the water. Allow to set for several minutes.
  4. Pour the moringa mixture into the container full of dirty water. Let sit for two to three hours. This allows time for the purification process.
  5. Contaminants from the water will sink to the bottom.
  6. Pour the now clean water through a sieve or muslin cloth into the clean cup or glass.
  7. Repeat this process again for an extra precaution if necessary.
  8. Enjoy your purified water!

Other notable health facts: Moringa Fights Malnutrition

Moringa oleifera helps fight malnutrition in many areas of the world. It has an amazing ability to thrive in areas where the epidemic of starvation is so prevalent. Moringa has been shown to curb malnutrition in as little as three months. At Dead Sea Moringa, this is where our story begins.

We greatly care about helping others across the globe—not only to survive… but to thrive!

Dead Sea Moringa has partnered with a great organization called Trees for the Future to plant moringa trees in more than 19 countries where undernourishment and hunger claim thousands of victims every year. Moringa trees are a fantastic resource for people of these regions because they grow in even the harshest of climates while providing some incredible nutritional value.

For every bottle of Dead Sea Moringa you purchase, we will plant one moringa tree in an impoverished area of the world.

Consider joining us today, make a positive impact on the environment, lift children out of malnutrition, and give yourself a healthier tomorrow.

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