New Varietal of Moringa Plant Discovered

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Advanced Biofuel Center (ABC) has been working on a lot of different research projects related to the moringa plant recently, including new ways to use moringa oil and to leverage the plant as a source for biofuel. But in a recent breakthrough, the organization uncovered a brand new varietal of moringa tree, which has been named Maru-Moringa in honor of its location of discovery in India.

The new varietal is noteworthy for producing an extremely high quality of moringa oil. According to ABC, the oil from the Maru-Moringa plant could also produce anywhere between three to five times more quantity by volume than any other available variety of moringa seed.

ABC has been working on the moringa plant for most of the last decade, with a primary focus on getting the most out of all of the plant’s unique properties, whether it be through genetic manipulation or horticultural practices. The report detailing the Maru-Moringa plant will be presented in late September at the fourth Global Moringa Meeting at Jaipur in India.

Moringa trees originated in India, but are located in continental Africa and Asia, the Philippines, Haiti and other locations as well. India has the most advanced and established system for moringa supplying, but production of moringa-based products in general has ramped up worldwide since its health benefits have increased in public consciousness in the Western world. Now, there are many companies making moringa-based drinks, foods, supplements and more, with raw moringa leaves and seeds, as well as moringa powder being more widely available than ever before.

The continued discovery and creation of new moringa varietals means there could be even further health benefits that have not yet been tapped into in the plant. This is truly remarkable to think about, considering the immense health benefits already known to exist within moringa oleifera.

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