Need Relief from Dry Hair and Skin?

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You might find relief from the chill outside by sitting in front of a warm fire or taking a hot bath. Unfortunately, these comforts can leave your skin and hair dry and brittle, so you quickly scan your cabinets in search of something to relieve your itchy, dry skin. You find lotions, creams and conditioners.

Many products out there promise to bring a supple look back to your skin and sleekness back to your tresses, but do they promote the healthy glow from the inside out?

More and more research points to the fact that when we feed our bodies well, giving it proper nutrients, it shows in our complexion, hair and nails. This is one of the amazing properties about moringa oleifera… it can nourish the inside while bringing relief to the largest organ in our bodies, our skin.

Moringa oleifera supplements are made of harvested leaves that are crushed and put into capsules. Let’s take a look at how this power plant can benefit bodies, leaving you with the best beauty secret this season.


Moringa is known to be a superfood with its massive amounts of vitamins, minerals and amino acids contained in a very small package. When your body consumes and uses these elements, they provide your skin with anti-aging properties for fighting against the outside world.

  • Antioxidants— Numerous studies indicate that the key to anti-aging is antioxidants. How do we get these into our skin? Consuming quality antioxidant rich foods and supplements are best.

Moringa has extremely high levels of antioxidants packed into the plant, which makes it an outstanding anti-aging tool. The antioxidants in Dead Sea Moringa have been reported to help to rejuvenate the skin from the inside out.

They work within your body, building a defense against free radicals, which lead to aging skin conditions. Free radicals are unstable molecules. When formed, they start a chain reaction and can wear down and weaken cell walls, leading to premature aging.

  • Vitamin A— Collagen is the key natural resource and component of skin tissue, which is primarily supported by vitamin A. No need for drastic measures or procedures, this vitamin in Dead Sea Moringa helps fight and guard against infections and aging.


  • Vitamin E— Does your skin react to the dry weather with acne and inflammation? Vitamin E protects the sebum (one of the layers of the skin) from damage caused by inflammatory agents. People who have acne tend to have lower levels of vitamin E.

Moringa contains vitamin E in great quantities, which makes it extremely useful in helping to stave off acne and other skin conditions.

Most skin and health care professionals agree that in order to make the outside glow, it starts with what you put IN your body. The best defense is a good offense. Start caring for your skin now by protecting what you have. Take quality antioxidant and vitamin-rich nutrients daily.

Did you know there are toxins in many skin care products? With the millions of skin and hair products to choose from, the regulation of what actually goes into them are marginal at best. Buying products from a reputable company is always best practice along with looking at ways to improve your skin from within.

Consider a wholistic approach to relieving dry, itchy skin and hair this season. Want to know more about how Dead Sea Moringa can benefit you? Contact us today!

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