Why Moringa for Generation Y?

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Do you have a passion to change the world and make a positive difference in the lives of people globally? There is more and more research that points to young people desiring to make an impact in today’s world. What kind of impact do you want to make? Do you want an impact that lasts, is bigger than the self and helps people and the environment?

Young people today have unique perspective on our world. They see that there are struggling people and places globally. Thanks to the media that is readily available to them 24/7, they can see brokenness and need across the world, and have a strong desire and energy to change it.

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Dead Sea Moringa offers a very unique way to take part in both a humanitarian project to fight malnutrition and a way to improve the environment. There are many moringa products out there, but what makes Dead Sea Moringa powerful is the heart behind the project. The founders of the company have compassion to bring overall health and wellness not only to the consumer, but also to people across the globe that may otherwise suffer from a lack of nutrient rich foods.

Moringa trees are remarkable because they grow exceptionally well in very harsh environments where other crops fail. This allows moringa to provide critical nutrients to those malnourished in these harsh places of the world.  About 45 percent of childhood deaths are related to malnutrition. The vast majority of the worlds hungry live in underdeveloped countries. And approximately 100 million of the children in underdeveloped countries are under weight.

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Dead Sea Moringa’s Buy One Get One Tree campaign does more than just fight against malnutrition by providing a nutritious rich food source for people. The program is a highly managed environmental project that can actually reverse the damage to soil from farming. This allows fertile and healthy soils to produce more nutritious crops. The project also improves the quality of life for families in the area by providing jobs and even shelter.

How does the Buy One Get One Tree project do this? For every bottle of Dead Sea Moringa sold, one moringa tree is planted in these poverty-stricken countries. You are invited to be a part of this global movement to save lives. There have already been over 26,000 trees planted in the past two years, but more are needed. A generation that is eager to change this world by harnessing its natural beauty and healing power are needed for this common goal. Make the earth and its people healthier for future generations. Be a part of a growing number of young people determined to make a difference around the world.

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