Moringa Considered Top Food Trend for 2017

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Moringa is fast becoming one of the most talked-about health foods on the planet, and is surging in popularity in the Western world. Many news sources have listed it as a top food trend to watch out for in 2017, including very recently the State Journal-Register of Springfield, Illinois.

The author of the article, is Jay Kitterman, a consultant for the LLCC Culinary Institute. In his research, he had discovered that the biggest overarching food trends that will affect American families in 2017 are local sourcing, gluten-free cuisine, ethnic cuisines, environmental sustainability, and nutrition. This is one of the major reasons why he sees moringa as being such a major player, as it fulfills several of these major trends.

Gluten Free handwritten with white chalk on old photo and clothes peg on a wooden backgroundMoringa is, of course, gluten-free and extremely nutritious. It also has an ethnic element to it, having originated in the Himalayans and spreading out from there to other parts of Asia and Africa. Only within the last several years has moringa really come into popularity in the United States. Here’s a direct quote from Kitterman’s article:

“I have never been a big fan of kale and thus was interested to read about a new super green: moringa. The leaves of the moringa tree grow in Haiti, parts of Latin American and Africa. The leaves contain high levels of calcium, potassium and protein as well as vitamins A, B, C, D and E. Because the trees can grow in both tropical and temperate climates and produce leaves year-round, they can be eaten fresh, cooked or dried without losing their nutritional content. The futurists tells us that moringa will become an attractive additive. Shipping fresh leaves from so far away results in spoilage, so currently it is not commercially available in the U.S. It is currently being sold as a powder and used in energy bars and teas available from Target and Amazon. As awareness grows we may expect to see commercial planting in the U.S.”

fresh Moringa (Drumstick tree) isolated on a white backgroundWith so many products beginning to use moringa as a base, it is likely not long before we start seeing moringa leaves readily available, as well. Moringa could easily be grown in various U.S. climates so long as there is a demonstrated desire for it in the market, and the rising usage of moringa in various health products could indicate that desire.

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