An Excellent Source of Calcium: Moringa Oleferia

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Some Frequently Asked Questions About MoringaCalcium is extremely important to your health, and it comes in high concentrations in moringa and moringa products. However, there are several factors you might not realize that can influence how your body breaks down calcium.

First, calcium can come in a variety of different forms. Elemental calcium is the actual pure calcium that is absorbed by the tissues, muscles, and bones in your body. Not all sources of calcium contain the same levels of elemental calcium. Any labels of products you purchase should contain the total amount of calcium found in the supplement. Keep in mind, your body also needs magnesium and vitamin D in sufficient levels to break down calcium and distribute it to your tissues.

Calcium can be found in tablets, capsules or chewable gummies. Many people, however, do not break down tablets effectively. They may be cheaper options for companies, but they are more difficult to absorb in the body. Capsules contain the powder, which is more easily absorbed into the body, and chewables are also easily absorbed depending on the other ingredients that are used and the type of calcium found in the chewable.

Oyster shell calcium is also common, but it is one of the cheapest and generally worst forms to consume. It is extremely hard for the stomach acid to break it down. Additionally, substances like oyster shell, bone meal and dolomite have all been shown to contain a variety of different toxins, including lead.

Other common forms of calcium include calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, calcium hydroxyapatite, and common foods like dairy products, certain fish, some fruit juices, and dark, green leafy vegetables like moringa.calcium for new born baby

Moringa in its powdered form contains approximately 17 times the amount of calcium as milk. Fresh leaves contain approximately four times the amount of calcium found in milk. There’s a reason moringa is often used in supplements for nursing mothers — it increases lactation and the overall quality of the milk, transferring more calcium to the infant.

Help to ensure you’re getting enough calcium in your body by making Dead Sea Moringa a part of your daily routine. Contact us today for more information.

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