How to Conserve Water—A Lesson From Israel

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waterglobehandsOne of the biggest problems agricultural producers face is how to conserve water and still produce a bountiful crop. For Dead Sea Moringa, this is something that is very important to us—not just because of our geographical location in a desert, but also because we believe in the ethical imperative of good stewardship.

At first, this may seem like a contradiction. Because of the ongoing drought on the West Coast of the United States, many of us have become aware of the issue of water usage in agriculture. Why, then, would Dead Sea Moringabase our operations in a desert if we were truly concerned about our impact on the environment?
The answer is Israeli technology.

Ten years ago, Israel faced an equally severe drought situation. However,according to a recent article:

“The use of water per capita in Israel is less than one-third of the amount consumed in California… In Israel, water recycling for agricultural use reaches 85%, and in California it’s about 5%.”

As a result, many Californian officials and business men have been travelling to Israel to plantirrigationdesertfind ways to combat the drought.

Over the years, Israel has developed many innovative ways to conserve water. Drip irrigation is perhaps the best-known and most widely used response to water conservation AND increased plant growth. While you may use this technology in your own garden, many Californian farms are still using the old-fashioned sprinkler systems which waste huge amounts of water through evaporation and run-off.

waterdropsleafOther water-conserving Israeli inventions include a dew-capturing system that traps dew in recyclable trays, and then delivers the water directly to the plants’ root system; a potato that can survive on salt water; and preserving and restoring natural aquifers.

At Dead Sea Moringawe utilize the latest in Israeli water-conserving technology to bring you a sustainable and ethically sound product—direct from the deserts of Israel!

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