Being Good Stewards of a God-Given Resource

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Like many superfoods out there, moringa contains vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are potent in a small dose. However, one feature of this plant is its rare, all-encompassing usage.

Check out some staggering uses for this versatile plant…

  • Almost every part of the plant; from the seeds to the roots, can be used. The seed is removed from more mature pods and eaten like peas or roasted like nuts. Moringa seeds contain considerable amounts of vitamin C. Seed oil yields edible oil called ben oil. The oil is clear, sweet and odorless, and is rancid resistant. It can also be used as a fertilizer and to purify water.


  • Moringa root can be used as a substitute for horseradish because of its sharp flavo It is thickened and added to sauces and dishes. The foliage is also an edible part of the plant that can be used in salads or curries, and also for seasoning.


  • The flowers, leaves and roots have been used for centuries to provide relief from numerous ailments. They have been used on the skin to relieve irritation, and also taken internally to help promote healthy digestion.

With the many uses for the body, both for nutrients and healing, we know that this powerhouse plant is an opportunity for us to be good stewards of what God has provided to us now! God does not waste anything. His creation is important to Him and He has called us to participate with Him to foster good growth on the earth.

The Bible says that He has given us dominion over the earth. What this means is to utilize it to continue growth and harness it’s potential. In fact, He also says that He gives every seed-bearing and green plant to us for food. Our partnership with Him in cultivating and growing this plant has produced not only good food for our bodies, but food for our souls, as well.

The unique aspect of Dead Sea Moringa is that it is grown in the most nutrient dense soil in the world, the Dead Sea. Because of this, the potency and quality is multiple times more effective than other moringa products. This plant’s construction and variety of uses display God’s generosity and creativity. Every part has uses that are vast and versatile.

Dead Sea Moringa also is unique in its contribution to humanitarian aid projects around the world. Our Buy One Get One Tree campaign fights malnutrition by planting one tree for every bottle sold!

We invite you to be a good steward side-by-side with us today. Be a part of this exclusive opportunity to promote health and wellness, and to fight for those less fortunate now! [CLICK HERE] to plant your tree and buy a bottle of Dead Sea Moringa!

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