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Today it seems that everyone is going green. The concept was first introduced to promote environmentally friendly practices and sustainability for current and future generations. There are numerous ideas about how to incorporate the green concept into a lifestyle.

How is Dead Sea Moringa fitting into this modern-day Green initiative?

Water Conservation: This generation of aquatic researchers recognize the importance of the relationship of water with everything that grows, lives, and walks upon earth. Water volume and quality go into all we do at Dead Sea Moringa to produce our crops. We strongly believe it is important to be good stewards of our land, and to do this we have researched various farming methods, utilizing only the best for the land, our Dead Sea Moringa product, current consumers and future generations.

Recently, Israel has developed cutting-edge methods to conserve water. Drip irrigation has become well known and widely used in response to water conservation increased plant growth.

Another creative way of conservation is dew capturing. That is exactly what it sounds like; dew is captured in trays and transported directly to the root system of the plant.

These groundbreaking conservation methods, along with many others used in Israel, are the reasons many farmers in the west are looking to the east for new direction regarding water conservation. At Dead Sea Moringa we utilize the latest in Israeli water-conservation technology in order to bring you a sustainable and ethically sound product.

Health: Did you know that you can go green for your health, too? How we care for our land is closely related to how we care for our bodies. You might be surprised at some of the ways Dead Sea Moringa can help you go green.

Eating leafy greens are always a good step to go green. They have been shown to help with weight loss, and preserve vision. They can help give you energy needed throughout the day, and contain anti-aging properties. Dead Sea Moringa is quickly becoming known as the best leafy green on the market.

Dead Sea Moringa has a concentration of vitamins and minerals like vitamins A, C, and E, iron, magnesium, and more. When your body has adequate amounts of these nutrients, the immune system and other body systems function well… helping you to stay healthy and happy.

Economy: One of the major visions at Dead Sea Moringa, is the passion to help others through humanitarian aid efforts that promote economic growth, along with assisting in the fight against malnutrition. One way to spark growth in the economy is through agricultural production.

The moringa tree is easy to grow as it matures quickly and is resistant to drought. Once planted the tree needs minimal water to survive. They can be watered regularly for a couple months after placed in the ground, but after that only when the tree is visibly parched. The trees typically grow well without fertilizer, and are resistant to pests and diseases.

The moringa tree maintains in difficult conditions such as wind and dry land. It can be harvested and pruned back to a meter tall each year, and it will quickly recover, immediately growing new leaves and pods. After about three years, the tree will provide 400 to 600 pods, with a fully mature moringa tree producing up to about 1,600 pods.

Dead Sea Moringa products come from thriving moringa plants that are tended by caring local farmers. These plants are closely monitored in green houses, and are planted in the nutrient-rich soil in the Dead Sea area. These farmers take pride in their crops, as well as in the knowledge of increased local economic growth as a result.

Going green doesn’t mean you must take drastic steps. The simplicity of using Dead Sea Moringa products allows you to go green for your health, the environment, and the economy.

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