Dead Sea Moringa: Join Us in Our Fight Against Malnutrition

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Did you know that one in four children under the age of five experience stunted growth? Another startling statistic is that nearly half of all deaths in children under age five in Asia and Africa are caused by undernutrition.[i]

This is a sobering and saddening fact. But there is hope! We have partnered with Trees for the Future in our Buy One Get One Tree campaign.

Our hope is that the moringa plant, known as the “miracle tree,” can provide much needed vitamins and minerals for those in need around the world. For every bottle of Dead Sea Moringa you purchase, we will plant one moringa tree in an area of the world where malnutrition runs rampant.

Part of our mission at Dead Sea Moringa is to care for people across the globe, so they can live happier, healthier lives. There are men, women and children who live in suffering and starvation as part of their daily lives, but we have the means to change that.

The Ripple Effect…

Nutrition fuels the body and brain. When adequate nutrition is not available there is a ripple effect. Malnutrition has harmful, lasting, and life-threatening consequences, such as:

  • Stunted growth (especially in a child’s three years of life)
  • Weakened immune system
  • Iron deficiency which can cause anemia
  • Vitamin D deficiency which can cause bone disease
  • Vitamin A deficiency which can cause blindness


More serious and terminal conditions can be the cause of:

  • Organ failure
  • Delayed cure from serious infections
  • Starvation

The cycle worsens as mothers and pregnant women are undernourished and cannot provide proper nutrition to their unborn and nursing children.

These children then carry the struggle to survive into their own lives, and then into the lives of their children. This impacts cognitive abilities and physical wellbeing. It’s truly heartbreaking.

Because the moringa plant thrives in areas of the world where malnutrition is most prevalent, it’s not unthinkable that this epidemic of undernutrition could be eradicated. What if children and pregnant women were given the vitamin and mineral packed nutrients in moringa? How much more would they thrive!

“About 45% of Zambian children under five suffer stunted growth, says the World Health Organization – while the children’s charity, Unicef, says that thousands of children and women suffer from one or more forms of malnutrition, including low birth weight, stunting and multiple vitamin deficiencies.”[ii]

You can help!

The high concentration of vitamins, anti-oxidants, proteins and amino acids in moringa make it the perfect plant to use as an effective tool for fighting malnutrition, especially when you consider the plant’s ability to thrive in these struggling areas of the world.

We invite you to learn more about our story. Join in us in our fight against malnutrition. Help those across the globe live healthier lives as you make a choice to live healthier too.



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