Dead Sea Moringa and Your Immune System

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moringa oleifera immune systemWhat exactly is your immune system?
Your immune system is a complex network made up of tissues, organs, and cells that defend your body against “foreign invaders.” Tonsils, adenoids, lymph nodes, spleen, appendix, and bone marrow are all examples of organs that are part of the immune system structure.

Foreign invaders include bacteria and infectious organisms such as parasites and fungus. These invaders are the cause of sickness and breakdown of overall health within your body.

The primary function of the immune system is to detect cells that are considered self and non-self. Your cells carry self-markers that enable a healthy immune system to recognize this distinct pattern as a safe cell rather than a foreign invader.

strengthening the immune systemNon-self cells cause an antigen, which is a defensive immune system response that takes place when a cell that does not carry your self-marker is found (such as a virus).

So, in short, your immune system is your body’s natural defense system!

A healthy and strong immune system is key to a healthy and prosperous lifestyle. But, our immune systems are under constant attack and need extra support! Dead Sea Moringa has been reported to help strengthen your immune system by warding off foreign invaders so that you stay vibrant and healthy!

Bad diets, lack of sleep, chronic stress, sedentary lifestyles … all of these things can contribute to a weakened immune system. And when your immune system is compromised, bacteria, toxins, viruses or worse can overwhelm your body and you get sick.

It could be the common cold, a flu, a strep throat … or worse! says it this way:

“Your immune system is a collection of organs, special cells, and substances that help protect you from infections and some other diseases. Immune cells and the substances they make travel through your body to protect it from germs that cause infections. They also help protect you from cancer in some ways.”

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With 90 nutrients, 46 antioxidants, and more vitamin C than an orange, Dead Sea Moringa can help your body function as it was created to function when taken on a consistent daily basis. So, before this next cold season is upon us, start building up a healthy immune system now, with all-natural Dead Sea Moringa!

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