Common Supplement Scams to Watch For

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Common Supplement Scams

At Dead Sea Moringa, we are extremely proud of our product and the transparency with which we produce and market it. Everyone who purchases our supplement knows exactly what they’re getting—an all-natural product based on the vitamins and minerals found in the moringa oleifera plant. We have numerous studies listed on our website relating to the health benefits of moringa, and take the science behind our product very seriously.

But we know the supplement industry can get a bad rap from people who are familiar with some of the more common scams in the industry. If you see any other companies pushing these types of scams, be sure to avoid their products:

• Claims that are just too good to be true. For example, you might see a picture of a man having undergone a dramatic physical transformation from overweight to completely ripped. While that person might have used the supplement, it’s clear he was doing plenty of other work in the gym and in his diet to achieve those results. Supplements aren’t magical pills that automatically give you incredible results — they’re tools you use to “supplement” into your diet and health regimen.
• Mysterious ingredients or formulas. Always be on the lookout for companies that are reluctant to list their formulas or the amounts of ingredients they use. Companies are required to state the ingredients used in a supplement, but the more transparent they are, the more likely they are to be legit.
• Cheap, bulk sales. Companies that sell protein powder are particularly notorious for this. If you’re paying $15 for a two-pound bag of protein powder at WalMart, chances are someone is ripping you off. You’re almost certainly not getting the full amount of protein you’re paying for.
• Use of banned substances. This is an issue that’s starting to decline a bit as general awareness of what goes into popular supplements is increasing. However, you should still make sure you know what everything on the ingredient label is so you’re sure you’re not taking banned or harmful substances.

If you have any questions about what goes in to Dead Sea Moringa, please feel free to let us know. We want you to feel 100 percent comfortable and informed before you make your purchase decision.

Why do we believe in Moringa?

Dead Sea Moringa

Dead Sea Moringa

At Dead Sea Moringa, we are committed to humanitarian aid projects throughout the world, in part because moringa has been shown to curb malnutrition in as little as three months, making it a powerful tool in the fight against malnutrition worldwide. To that end, we have partnered with Trees for the Future to plant moringa trees in over 19 countries where hunger and undernourishment are claiming hundreds of thousands of victims.

Through our Buy One Get One Tree campaign, Dead Sea Moringa fights malnutrition by planting one moringa tree for every bottle sold!

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