Can Moringa Be Grown in Cold Climates?

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benefits-of-moringa-leaves-for-diabetesMoringa trees are typically found in some of the world’s harshest, driest climates. They are found throughout the Dead Sea region, in some of the toughest climates of Africa and, more recently, have started to be grown in the southwest United States. These are plants that love warmth and sunlight. But can they be grown in more temperate regions as well?

Believe it or not, you can still grow a moringa tree of your own even if you live in an area where temperatures get below freezing. However, you will have to deal with some extra challenges that could complicate the growth process.

The best option is to grow the tree in a greenhouse type of setting, where the tree will be shielded from the cold. You can also try to put the plant in a large potting container and seek a nearby greenhouse in your community where you can winter the plant. Keep in mind, however, that these trees can grow very big very quickly, which means they may become hard to move from place to place.

Moringa trees can also be grown as an annual. To do this, you would start growing the plant inside, then put it outside when the weather is approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It might sound like a silly suggestion, but putting Christmas lights around the tree when the weather is cooler can help to provide it with some extra warmth. Then, when water is sprayed over the tree, the water will evaporate to create some warmth and humidity for the tree. It can also help to put straw or hay around the trunks of the trees as a method of insulation.

Throughout the winter, moringa trees will not require nearly as much water as they do in the summer, so it is important that you do not overwater the trees in cooler months.

So while it is definitely more difficult to grow moringa trees in cooler climates, it isn’t impossible. If you are an experienced gardener or tree grower up for a good challenge, give it some more consideration.

Dead Sea Moringa

Dead Sea Moringa

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