5 Practical Ways to Have a Healthy Retirement

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Retirement… During your working years, retirement is viewed as a distant paradise. You have images in your mind of carefree times of travel, golf, visiting children and grandchildren, or taking it easy when you want.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” To enjoy a healthy retirement means to plan for it in advance. Luckily there are many retirement plans to choose from. They walk you through the How-To’s of budgeting, saving, and investing.

But have you ever stopped to consider a retirement health plan? Not one that pays for medication and doctor’s visits, but one that helps you live life abundantly, joyfully, and healthily. A retired life that you can enjoy traveling and playing with your grandkids.

Like most things, health starts at home…

Before you entertain the idea of retirement and develop plans for travel and visits consider this: Are there ways to boost your healthy lifestyle at home that allows you to enjoy time with loved ones even more?

In this article, you will learn 5 practical ways to boost your emotional, mental, and physical health.

  1. If you plan to travel to various regions and visit many friends and family, make a list of the trips that will require the most time, energy, and money.

Write down all hopes, dreams, and plans. Then return to the list and analyze which ones need the most planning. If you plan to visit Europe for instance… How much will that cost? How do you need to prepare in advance for walking tours and sightseeing?

Anything from gardening at home to traveling across the globe…these are activities that will require physical stamina. Consider looking at ways to start regularly exercising if you aren’t already. Going for walks and keeping your body active now will pay off in your retirement years.

  1. Purpose and passion. A healthy retirement is full of joy; however, many people have lots of conflicting and confusing emotions as they enter this stage of life. Maybe you had a career you loved and thrived in. Being prepared emotionally for the transition can reduce stress.

Financial planning will reduce stress. But start thinking about your next purpose and passion ahead of time. Make a list of hobbies you want to explore. If you find yourself starting a hobby you don’t enjoy, move to another one on the list.

When you find an interest that feeds your passion, is there a way you can provide for others or profit from it yourself? Is there a local shelter that would benefit from your carefully sown blankets? Perhaps the paintings you’ve created could be sold at local art shows.

One research study found that those who have a sense of purpose had 15 percent lower risk of death compared to those who reported no direction. It didn’t seem to matter when the purpose was established, just that it was present. [i]

The newfound purpose and passion you discover benefits both brain and body health. The brain releases endorphins that lift mood and motivation.

  1. Define it. Many times, people develop the images and plans in their head about what a healthy retirement will look like. Not only write out your hopes and dreams but also review it with your spouse too.

There can be varying opinions on retirement plans, and when addressed early, the ideas are discussed and brought together as one. This discussion can eliminate stress or confusion.

  1. Health, not just wealth. One of the most significant concerns in retirement is health. Those who are retired report a happy retirement is a healthy one.

“Americans age 50+ cite health care costs in retirement as their greatest financial concern, regardless of their wealth level. Yet the vast majority of people have not factored health care costs into their retirement planning.”[ii]

Those who are 20 years from retirement, consider investing in your health as well as your financial retirement plan now.

  1. Eat right and exercise. So, surprise here, right? Study after study shows the impact a healthy lifestyle has on longevity, as well as happiness.

It’s natural during those working years to put aside exercise and grab a quick burger as you run to your lunch meeting, but it adds up. And not for good.

Think about a healthy lifestyle as part of your investment plan. If you are serious about financial investments, it makes sense to be serious about your health as well.

Feed your body nutrients that keep it healthy, boosts immunity, contains antioxidants, and holds a host of necessary vitamins and minerals for your cognition and body functions.

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Remember this…

  • There is a connection between health and happiness.
  • The way you create your lifestyle now impacts your health, wealth, and happiness in retirement.
  • Focus and plan for health as well as finances for your future.

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